CRO Audit for Shopify Store by Nikhil Sharma


Are you finding that your Shopify store is attracting plenty of clicks but not translating them into sales? Are you exhausted from investing in Facebook Ads and Google Ads, only to see minimal returns? If you're struggling to identify whether the issue lies with your website or your ad campaigns, the solution might just be a CRO audit.

What is a CRO audit?

A Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) audit evaluates your website's entire customer journey for enhanced performance.

Example: You're an owner of a Shopify store that is getting a LOT of traffic, you can see the visitors coming up to your store but they are not buying anything.

Solution: My Shopify CRO Audit can help you identify the potential causes behind visitors not converting to customers, which means you are leaving money on the table!

1. How do I know if I need a CRO audit?

You might consider a CRO audit if you are experiencing a high number of visitors on your Shopify website but there are very less sales/conversions. The industry average conversion rate of a website is 2%.

If your store's conversion rate is below 2% then you need a CRO audit.

2. How long does a CRO audit take?

There are some automated tools that will do the basic audits in minutes, but it is not effective. The manual CRO audit which is done by a human takes at least 2 weeks to a month to complete.

3. What tools are used in a CRO audit?

I use a lot of tools like Google Analytics for tracking, HotJar for heat maps and Visitor recording to analyse what visitors are doing on the website and make decisions based on that data.

4. How frequently should I conduct a CRO audit for my Shopify store?

CRO is an ongoing process, but if you are tight on budget then I would recommend you do have an audit in every 6 months.

5. How much does a CRO audit cost?

Thousands. It can vary from $200 to $20,000 depending on how big the website is and what aspects needs to be covered.

6. How many stores have you audited so far?

I have audited at least 50+ Shopify stores in the last month and have generated atleast 500K in additional revenue for them.

7. How to fix high traffic but no sales on Shopify?

There can be a lot of reasons behind a Shopify store getting high traffic but no sales, the most common reason is that your website may not be visitor friendly. You can fix it by getting a conversion rate optimisation audit (commonly called as CRO Audit) done for your Shopify store.

8. Who is the best Shopify CRO Freelancer?

Nikhil Sharma is the best CRO Freelancer that has helped over 200+ businesses and has increased their conversion rate from 2% to 8%, Nikhil Sharma can also help you with the CRO Audit for your Shopify Store. You can setup a meeting with me on my Calendly

9. How do I get my CRO Audit?

You can get the CRO Audit by visiting clicking on the Pay Button, The audit is currently priced at $499 and it takes 2 weeks to be completed.

Nikhil Sharma has a track record of working with 100+ Shopify stores.

10. Who is Nikhil Sharma?

I'm Nikhil Sharma, I'm from Bhopal, India, an author of The Ultimate Shopify Store Marketing Checklist

I have more than five years of experience in D2C and B2B brand building, and this blog is for sharing all the knowledge that I have gathered in the last five years. I have written multiple guides on store building using paid ads including Ella's Shopify Case Study and Running Paid Ads For Bakery.

I have also authored a book called The Ultimate Shopify Store Marketing Checklist that helps small DTC business owners in starting up and scaling their business from $0 to $50,000. You can setup a meeting with me


A CRO store of your website with insights on how to increase the conversion rate.

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CRO Audit for Shopify Store by Nikhil Sharma